Captek Softgel International Inc.

Established in 1996, Captek Softgel International Inc. (CSI) is a privately-owned (acquired March 2011 by Prairie Capital and Skyline Global Partners), FDA registered and audited, GMP-certified, full service contract manufacturer of custom dietary supplement formulations.

Home office

CSI features high efficiency encapsulation lines operating 24/7, capable of producing over 2.5 billion softgels annually.  The facility encompasses approximately 85,000 square feet of production, analytical laboratory, pilot laboratory and warehousing space.  Captek fully complies to FDA cGMP’s and has been independently certified by NSF International.

Services Offered:  Production capabilities include softgel capsules, both oil and paste mixtures, imprinting, laser etching and packaging.  Additional services include product development, R&D support, ingredient sourcing, analytical testing and stability testing.

Markets:  Support of branded customers for dietary supplements within retail, direct selling companies (MLM), Internet and professional medical markets.

R&D:  Manufacturing product formulations consisting of “multi-actives” can pose a challenge for softgel manufacturers due to the potential for fill to gelatin shell interactions or not achieving proper suspension of the powered ingredients.  An additional challenge is to maintain consistent, high-quality raw materials from reliable vendors, along with comprehensive testing and tighter control of these raw materials is paramount.  Captek Softgel International Inc. is an ideal partner when searching for an experienced softgel manufacturer who can produce custom paste formulations without sacrificing quality amidst the demand for reduced cost.

QC:  Captek Softgel International Inc. through its dedicated quality control laboratory staff provides branded clients the softgel analysis expertise and full support of proper and effective evaluation from raw ingredients through finished product certification.  The softgel dosage form presents a unique case for proper analytics, where the analyst technique and familiarity in handling the particular matrix requires proper development, an understanding of the characteristics and behaviors of target markets, and an investigation of analytical anomalies.  These foundations serve as a three supporting legs to a successful softgel analysis.

Quality Assurance:  Fully developed Quality Assurance and Quality Control departments consisting of 40 full time staff members.  With new FDA regulations in force for dietary supplements, manufacturers and distributors in the dietary supplement industry must follow strict regulatory guidelines in order to alleviate consumer concerns and to remove all health risks involved with these products.  Effectively enforcing these new regulations will protect public health, deter others from violating the law, inform the public of possible harm, create an even playing field among competing brands and instill public confidence in the FDA and the industry at-large.  Captek Softgel International Inc. fully complies with federal U.S. FDA GMP’s and has been independently certified by NSF International.