Senior Cost Accountant

Captek Softgel International, Inc., a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements located in Cerritos, CA, is looking to hire a Senior Cost Accountant.

As the Senior Cost Accountant, you will be responsible for managing the Cost Accounting responsibilities and ensuring accurate and timely financial statements to the Board of Directors, CEO and Department Heads in addition to forecasting and budgeting.

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Quality Assurance Technician

Captek Softgel International is seeking a Quality Assurance Technician, 2nd Shift (2pm-10:30pm) in our Quality group.

Captek Softgel International, Inc., a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements located in Cerritos, CA, is looking to hire a QA Technician to perform independent inspection functions to verify product conforms to specifications, to monitor processes and provide support to Operations, and to enforce cGMPs and SOPs.  The QA Technician would also assist management in identifying and reporting non-conformance issues and trends.


Warehouse Lead

Captek Softgel International is seeking a Warehouse Lead, 2nd Shift (2pm-10:30pm) in our Supply Chain group.

Captek Softgel International, Inc., a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements located in Cerritos, CA, is looking to hire Warehouse Lead responsible for all warehousing activities. The overall goal is to ensure flawless execution is support of production, and maintain inventory accuracy in ERP system (SYSPRO) by collaborating with various departments to enforce consistent processes regarding inventory control.


Captek is a proud member of GOED, Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s

Captek Softgel International is a proud member of GOED, the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s. GOED works to set high standards for the industry and educate industry participants about omega-3 issues. The GOED Voluntary Monograph has served as the definition of quality in the industry since 2002. The Monograph adopts the strictest aspects of quality and safety regulations around the world, ensuring that products meeting GOED standards are safe and effective.


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Captek demos 3 softgel concepts at Expo West

Captek Softgel International, a leading manufacturer of more than 2.5 billion softgels annually, reported strong interest in three softgel concepts created specifically for dietary supplement companies at Natural Products Expo West, the largest natural products show in the United States.

The three concepts represented technological advances in dietary supplement delivery systems. “Many consumers find softgels easier to swallow, and more attractive than tablets,” said Tim Chiprich, vice president of product Development. “The three concepts we developed showcase what the next generation of softgels can do.”

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ADM enters into omega-3 market with partnership on algal DHA ingredient

Greg Dodson, Archer Daniel Midland (ADM) Company Manager of Food and Wellness, said the company is impressed on the strategy that turns commercial opportunities into realities. This impression led ADM to enter into omega-3 market making itself the first in the animal feed markets. The move into the omega-3s space and a deal with privately held synthetic-held Synthetic Genomics will develop an Algal DHA ingredient. Heterotropic Algae production is pricey, says ADM, but demand for resulting ingredient can enhance its current portfolio of nutritional ingredients. This is the first ingredient partnership ADM has entered into.

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L-arginine may help blast belly fat

Great abs, immense pecs and a body that doesn’t have even one ounce of body fat, can be what L-arginine may be of benefits. L-arginine is one of the 22 amino acids found in high-protein foods. It’s been used as a supplement ingredient to improve libido, sports performance, and for cardiovascular health. A pilot study measured the effects of L-arginine taken daily for 12 weeks on healthy persons. Evidences show that L-arginine has weight loss promoting powers and found useful in treating central, or visceral obesity. In this case, L-arginine then may help blast belly fast.

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New signs point to the promise in green chemistry

New signs point to the promise in green chemistry. It is turning to solutions in the search for environmentally-friendly alternatives. Green chemistry is a discipline that focuses on the design and manufacturing of chemicals in a way that reduces or eliminates the generation of toxics and waste. It focuses on the use of green alternatives and the ability for materials to biodegrade. “Seventh Generation” celebrates this as an opportunity to further explore ‘green chemistry’and drive innovation in this field. Scroll through some of these more notable dates in toxic chemical regulation and green chemistry history.

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No more dietary supplement research ever – do you agree?

Science makes unexpected connections between studies, and leads to new hypothesis that might reveal new discoveries. The problem, however, is when a published research, particularly on studying the effects or benefits of specific dietary ingredients, demonstrates mixed results and raises contradicting conclusions. These may be true in many cases, but many of us value a supplement research as an informative resource when it comes to sharing the latest in nutritional and supplement study. When scientists deter future research, they discourage that inquiry that might lead to the next big breakthrough. Here are some examples:

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Retailers can combat supplement negativity on the front lines

The Organic Trade Association’s (OTA’s) U.S. Families’ Organic Attitudes & Beliefs 2014 Tracking Study, a survey of more than 1,200 households, found that price has become much less of a barrier to purchasing organic products. Organic food usually costs a little more than non-organic. But a new study shows that an increasing number of American parents are willing to pay a little more on the highest quality and most healthy products. OTA partnered with KIWI Magazine to conduct a survey at the buying patterns of American households, who buy organic products, what are those products, and the reasons behind those decisions.

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Vitamin D supps helps asthmatics cut inhaler use

New study questions vitamin D’s effects on asthma sufferers—but vitamin D supplementation did help asthmatics cut inhaler use. Low levels of vitamin D are thought to play a role in many medical problems, from asthma to osteoporosis to diabetes. Previous studies suggested that if you have asthma and low levels of vitamin D in the blood, you have worse lung function. This study is the first randomized controlled trial to investigate whether taking vitamin D supplements helps asthmatics by improving the breathing pattern.  The study appeared online May 18 in JAMA. 

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Key Vitamins We Should Take

captekIt seems like vitamins are always in the news. Are vitamins good for us? Should we be taking  vitamins? What’s the best way to take vitamins? These are likely questions you get asked by your clients who are wondering about the best vitamin softgels to formulate.

In this blog post, we will provide you with some information about vitamins and about who should be taking them. (This information can be useful to you when meeting with clients and when thinking about marketing their vitamin softgels.)

Who can benefit from taking vitamins? 

The short and simple answer is: everyone. Regardless of how healthy your diet is, you’re likely going to be deficient in some key nutrients. This is not because you’re not eating enough fruits and vegetables, rather it’s because you likely aren’t absorbing all of the nutrients. This is normal – and in some cases depending on how we combine our foods we end up not being able to “access”the nutrients we need. For example, vitamin C helps people absorb iron better but caffeine makes it hard to absorb iron.

Athletes, the elderly, young children, and anyone with a health condition can benefit from taking vitamin softgels. Some medications make it difficult to absorb nutrients from food and other medications actually require you to supplement with additional vitamins and minerals. Athletes are training hard and stressing their bodies so they can benefit from vitamins that will help them recover from activity.

Are there key vitamins that everyone should take? 

This is a tough question to answer but we can break this down into three groups of people and highlight the vitamins that these groups should be taking:

  • For people who are not outside much, vitamin D is important. Vitamin D is commonly known as the sunshine vitamin and it is vital in aiding in the absorption of calcium.
  • For vegans and elderly people, vitamin B12 is particularly important. We need B12 to make red blood cells and to support our brains. The primary source for B12 is from animal products.
  • Women who are pregnant or hoping to become pregnant should take Folic Acid. This vitamin is vital in prenatal development. 

As you can see, vitamins really are necessary and everyone can in fact benefit from taking some vitamin softgels daily. We at Captek are experts in softgels and are the leaders in the production, quality control, research and development of softgels. We can work with you to develop custom formulations and we offer our softgels in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Extracts from pumpkin seed and soy germ show bladder support potential

The market for urinary health remedies for adults is fast growing. Among the latest is a combination of extracts from pumpkin seed and soy germ, noted with the ability to reduce the sense of urgency in women with overactive bladders. Urgency is one of the biggest inconvenience conditions, in practice, for people suffering from overactive bladder. In a research led by Bongseok Shim from Korea, 120 women aged between 35 and 70 and suffering from overactive bladder related voiding dysfunction were assigned to receive Frutarom’s Go-less or placebo for 2 weeks. Results were published in the Journal of Functional Foods.

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Green coffee bean sellers caught duping consumers

FTC charges Florida company with capitalizing on the green coffee diet fad by using bogus weight loss claims and fake news websites to market the dietary supplement. According to complaints, this coffee bean extract was touted as a potent weight loss treatment that supposedly burns fat, and the sites featured footage from supposed consumer endorsements, and purported clinical proof that dieters could lose weight rapidly without changing their diet or exercise regimens. Consumers should carefully evaluate advertising claims for weight-loss products. The FTC charged the defendants with false and unsupported advertising claims, including:

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Cinnamon’s popularity is driving price

Over the last five years, use of cinnamon in foods has grown and 32% of all new product launches with cinnamon in that period happened in 2013. The suggestions that cinnamon help consumers manage blood sugar levels drive demand among food businesses. While the topic on cinnamon to lower blood sugar is still on debate, recent research suggests that cinnamon may be helpful as a supplement to regular diabetes treatment. Priorities have been set to enhance production in cinnamon producer countries. But heavy rainfall in producer countries has affected supply, a leading ingredients company has warned.

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Sugar spikes heart disease risk—independent of weight gain

Too much sugar can stress your heart, analysis confirmed. Sugars contribute to cardiovascular risk independent of the effect of sugars on body weight,” says Te Morenga.  There did not appear to be any special metabolic effect of sugars making people more likely to gain weight on high-sugar diets compared with low sugar diets. But since sugar raises blood glucose and stimulates insulin production, findings support public health recommendations to reduce added sugar in diets as one of the measures which might be expected to reduce the global burden of cardiovascular diseases. Find study details below:

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Life saving watermelon? | Breaking news content from New Hope 360

People today face a higher risk for stroke or heart attack. In a new study by Florida State University, published in the American Journal of Hypertension, watermelon extract may significantly reduce blood pressure in overweight individuals. Researchers tried to replicate cold weather situations, as more people die of heart attacks in cold weather, as cold temperatures raise blood pressure, forcing the heart to work harder. In the study, it turned out that watermelon is the richest natural source of L-citrulline — an amino acid that kick-starts your body’s production of a powerful artery-relaxing nitric oxide.

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Vitamin Softgels

vitaminsWith consumers becoming more and savvier about the products they buy and consume, you need to be confident that you’re offering your customers the best possible product. By working with our team at Captek, you can have this confidence and more.

We’re backed by many years in softgel manufacturing, testing, production and research. This expertise applies of course to softgel vitamins and vitamins in general. With our extensive team of scientists, quality control staff, and researchers, we are constantly pushing our boundaries on what we can offer you.

When you’re researching your vitamin softgel options, remember that it is your customer who needs to be considered the most. We understand what your customers want:

  • Easy-to-swallow soft gels.
  • Softgels that do not leave a residual taste.
  • Odor-free vitamin softgels.
  • Affordable vitamins.
  • Tamper and heat-resistant softgels that can travel well.
  • Shelf-life that allows bulk purchasing 

To further extend the quality of the softgel vitamin you provide your customers, it helps to provide custom colors, laser etching, a variety of shapes and sizes, and a vegetarian/vegan option. This is what we can do for you.

Along with our quality control and research expertise, we have a strong understanding of marketing and brand support. We work with retail, direct selling companies (MLM), Internet and other professional markets – so we understand clearly what it is that consumers want.

You need to stand out from your competitors and with a leading company such as ours producing, researching, developing, testing, and helping you to brand your product – your vitamin softgels manufacturing needs are covered. Learn more about Captek softgels by visiting our website.

ENI CEO: ‘Most prominent companies are starting to work on incorporating non-GMO materials’

Non-GMO food and supplement is the fastest growing sector in the entire natural products industry, with non-GMO product sales surpassing more than $3 billion. At the forefront of the labeling initiative is the non-GMO project. Leading industry figures have noted that going non-GMO may be substantially challenging than some dietary supplements may think. Most prominent companies are also starting on the work of incorporating non-GMO materials. However, reports said that almost all vitamin-C today is manufactured from corn, most of it GMO. So sourcing non-GMO material may be difficult.

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Supreme Court to review POM and Coca-Cola’s clash

As many aspects of food labeling and marketing are regulated by FDCA, Coca-Cola argues that a private company such as POM cannot accuse the company of any labeling woes. POM accused the beverage behemoth for falsely labeling and advertising Minute Maid’s “Pomegranate Blueberry” juice. Recall that POM was also in legal battle with the FTC for claiming pomegranate juice was clinically proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, prostate cancer, and erectile dysfunction. POM Wonderful and Coca-Cola have been in legal dispute for years over deceptive labeling. Now, the Supreme Court is getting involved.

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