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Vegetarian Capsules

Serving the Needs of Vegetarians

softgelsWhether for health reasons, animal rights, religion, or other personal concerns, more people are turning to vegetarianism. As such, we, at Captek, see a greater demand from our brand customers for vegetarian softgel delivery systems.

 Fortunately, Captek has the technology and infrastructure in place to respond quickly to the needs of our customers who provide dietary supplements; vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and oils to vegetarian consumers. Our vegetarian softgels are made in a certified manufacturing facility, guaranteed to not come in contact with any animal products.

 Meeting Consumer Needs

You can be confident that your vegetarian or even dietary-restricted consumers are receiving guaranteed vegetarian capsules. Our vegetarian capsules are:

  • Free from animal derivative contact.
  • Available in oval and oblong shapes/sizes.
  • Safe for those with dietary restrictions.
  • Easy to swallow with soft gelatin feel.

Our vegetarian capsules use carrageenan to ensure a stable, thermal material that prevents capsule stickiness and other climate impacts. Carrageenan is a widely used ingredient in vegetarian and vegan processed foods including soy milk, almond milk, ready-made puddings, and other food offerings as a thickening agent.  Derived from naturally-occurring seaweed extract, you can ensure your customers that carrageenan has been approved by the FDA and in numerous studies to be safe for human consumption.

 Vegetarian Capsule Details

Our vegetarian capsules have been tested under a range of temperature situations and have been found to be stable at both room and accelerated temperature conditions. This ensures that your clients will not have concerns with these capsules melting or softening. As well, these capsules can be either opaque colored or translucent – essentially which ever option meets your needs, we can provide.

Captek vegetarian capsules use widely recognized MarineGel® Soft Capsule Technology that enables a safe and secure carrageenan-based material. To learn more about this vegetarian capsule technology, visit MarineGel Soft Capsule Technology. To learn more about carrageenan, visit our Carrageenan FAQ.