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captekEveryone is asking about soft gels – from consumers to supplement providers to retailers. The rising popularity in soft gel capsules really is a direct result of the success of companies to develop soft gel capsules that are versatile enough to meet all types of demands.

Now with advanced technology in research and development, quality control and quality assurance, soft gels are suitable for all types of supplements, vitamins, minerals, oils, herbals and botanicals.

Some of the reasons that consumers, retailers and providers are drawn to these capsules include:

  • Ease-of-use: because soft gel capsules are available in a range of sizes and shapes, they’ve become very easy for anyone to swallow. Gone are the days of oversized pills that were hard to swallow. With innovative soft gel capsule technology, we can provide capsules in a range of sizes and shapes that can also be branded to meet marketing and selling requirements.
  • Longer shelf life: this benefit appeals to everyone – consumers can purchase soft gel capsules in bulk and be confident that these capsules will not leak, erode or change shape. Supplement providers can be guaranteed that the capsules will not react to temperature fluctuations or lose integrity over time. For retailers, the shelf life concerns that come with liquids and powders are no longer an issue when dealing with stable soft gel capsules.
  • Flavoring and variety: no one wants to consume a soft gel that leaves an aftertaste or that does not meet their dietary requirements. Our soft gel capsules can be flavored and are available made with gelatin or carrageenan. Consumers can rest easy that they’re getting a soft gel that won’t be unpleasant to consume and if they do have a vegetarian or vegan diet, they don’t need to worry about their supplements. 

The reasons to use soft gels are all encompassing and you can be confident that with the use of our encapsulation technology, consumers are getting a quality product, that you as a supplement provider are offering the best in the business to consumers and that retailers do not need to have concerns for the saleability or longevity of soft gel capsules. To learn more about our soft gel technology, download our brochure and explore our website.

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