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Soft Gel FAQ

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions about soft gels and soft gel encapsulation. We hope this list of questions helps you to better understand the benefits of soft gels.

captekWhat is a soft gel?

Soft gel technology is unique in that it allows for the encapsulation of powders, liquids and oils. Due to the nature of soft gel encapsulation, the soft gel fillings are protected from temperature fluctuations and are resistant to tampering.

Soft gels allow you to provide precise dosage of supplements and medicines and the encapsulation increases the bioavailability of the contents. The physical aspects of solutions and suspensions can be more precise, ensuring that your clients are getting the dosage they require from their soft gels.

What are soft gels made of?

Most manufacturers only offer a gelatin-based soft gel capsule, but here at Captek we offer both a gelatin-based and a vegetarian soft gel capsule. Our vegetarian capsule is made of carrageenan and allows you to reach out to the vegetarian and vegan market. Carrageenan is a seaweed extract that is commonly used to thicken products such as soy milk, almond milk, yogurt and other creamy products. At Captek, we use carrageenan to provide you with a vegetarian softgel that utilizes SeaGel® Capsule Technology.

How are soft gels used?

Soft gels are used to encapsulate a range of supplements, medicines and botanicals. Soft gel capsules can be used to encapsulate oils, herbals, vitamins, and minerals. To learn more about the products that we support, visit our product page.

Soft gels provide a number of advantages including:

• temperature stability
• flexible sizes and shapes
• vegetarian and vegan options
• can be free from negative after-taste and odor

How are soft gels manufactured?

Our high efficiency encapsulation lines operate 24 hours a day/seven days a week producing over 2.5 billion soft gels annually. With approximately 85,000 square feet devoted to production, analytical laboratory, pilot laboratory, and warehousing – we are 100% devoted to soft gel encapsulation.

We offer a range of soft gel services including encapsulation, laser etching, packaging, product development, ingredient sourcing, analytical testing and stability testing.

How can I learn more about soft gels?

To learn more about soft gel capsules and the processes, procedures and policies followed by our experienced team at Captek, read our Company Profile.

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