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Cerritos Office

Summary: The Quality Control Chemist tests and/or contracts necessary tests to third party laboratories of products and/or ingredients involved with production for identity, purity, strength, and composition to ensure content of finished product capsules are of the appropriate
quality as confirmed by conformance to all established specifications before release to the customer

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

Following a specific set of test procedures, uses instrumentation such as the High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC), UV-Vis Spectrometer, ICP mass spectrophotometer, and other such analytical instruments to identify, investigate, and/or assay in dietary supplement raw materials and dietary supplement finished products to determine purity and other quality characteristics, in accordance with cGMP requirements

  • Performs wet chemical tests (tit-rations, etc.) as required
  •   Maintains department systems and logbooks
  •   Notifies supervisor in an appropriate and timely manner when out of specification test results occur and cooperates in the investigation
  •   Quality Control Chemists ensure Certificates of Analysis claims are accurate and pass required specifications before material being released for use in manufacturing
  •   May be required to generate appropriate and complete finished product Certificates of Analysis
  •  May assist in the generation/modification of SOPs and test methods for QC, while ensuring proper adherence to by subordinate Quality Control staff
  •   Performs Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR/FTNIR) spectroscopy to confirm identities of raw material and finished products by spectral comparisons
  • Prepares sample, solvents/reagents, calculates data and results, documents the entire procedure, disposes and safely cleans up solutions in the hazardous chemicals waste (under the hood), discards all disposables in appropriate waste containers and properly and safely cleans all glassware, work-stations, and any apparatus/equipment used
  •   Reviews data for accuracy, completeness and compliance generated by other chemists and/or laboratory technicians
  • Safely and appropriately uses tools such as scalpels, glassware, dishes, weighing dishes, pipets, burets, volumetric flasks, ovens, furnaces, stirrers/heat-plates, ultrasonicators, baths, balances, titrators, chemically resistant containers, graduated cylinders, beakers, spectrophotometer cuvettes and permanent markers
  •   Safely uses reagents (substance or compounds) such as water, acids and bases of varying concentration, buffers, and solvents
  • Obtains sample and checks sample label and appearance to make sure that the sample is correct. Accurately weigh, label, log and document all samples and in-use apparatus, tools,equipment/instruments, and solvents/reagents
  •   Interacts with technicians, microbiologists and other chemists, while sharing common work areas to ensure proper communication and smooth work-flow
  • Adheres to all safety requirements, cGMPs, and Captek’s Standard Operating Procedures, while partaking in the accountability of all QC staff to do the same
  • May be required to periodically perform the sampling function
  • May assist in the environmental monitoring functions Quality Control Chemists must have the ability to be flexible, handle multiple projects simultaneously and adjust personal style to adapt to increased business pressures and work well under pressure

Educational Qualification:

  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree, with a formal education involving chemistry, Master’s degree (M. A.) a plus; Degree in Chemistry preferred

Required Skills /Experience:

  • Computer Skills; Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Ability to speak, read and understand English

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