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Encapsulation Machine Operator 2nd Shift

Captek has three Southern California facilities


Encapsulation Machine Operator 2nd Shift

Cerritos Office

Summary: The Encapsulation Operator is responsible for the set-up, safe operation, and cleaning of the encapsulation machine.

Shift schedule: 2nd shift- Monday to Friday from 2:00pm to 10:30pm

Duties and Responsibilities: 
• Adhere to batch record specifications and keep the encapsulation process in control
• Assure applicable SOPs are followed and production is performed in accordance with cGMPs
• Foster a team environment by promoting a teamwork atmosphere with spreaders and inspection employees and covering coworkers machines during breaks
• Provide “hand-on” training to new encapsulation employees
• Document activities in logbooks incorporating good documentation practices
• Disassemble and clean encapsulation machines and equipment
• Assemble and set-up encapsulation machines and equipment
• Clean tumblers, working area, and gelatin tank covers
• Perform Encapsulation start-up activities; check seam percentage and fill material mixing
• Perform in-process checks for fill-weight variation , temperature variation, gelatin ribbon thickness and capsule length
• Practice protective handling of machinery tooling of the encapsulation machine including but not limited to die rolls, thickness gauge, thermometers, and scales/balances.
• Document in-process checks in the Production Batch Record following Good Documentation Practices (GDPs)
• Change filters and check for softgel leaks inside the tumblers and at the exit bin of the last tumbler as needed
• Ensure the Spreader is completing assigned task correctly, such as tumbler filter changes , doors are locked and the tumbler basket is up and running correctly after the filter change is complete
• Spread softgel on trays and transfer stacks into drying rooms/tunnels , fill out proper documentation for the stacks and drying tunnel/drying room
• Check machines and tanks for proper tag status (Ex. To be Cleaned, Operating Tag, Ready to use, etc.)
• Control loss and waste of materials
• Ensure transfer bottles or spray bottle are properly labeled
• Report out-of-specification capsules to Lead and/or Sift Supervisor
• Wear the required personal protective equipment
• Adhere to gowning procedures
• Operate equipment in a safe manner
• Notify management of abnormal activities
• Assure MFG. equipment is in proper working order and initiate maintenance work orders when necessary
• Suggest procedure e revisions that increase efficiency in production department.

Education Requirements:

  • Minimum high school diploma or G.E.D. preferred.

Work Experience/Qualifications:

  • Previous experience working with softgel encapsulation equipment preferred. Must be mechanically inclined.

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