• Softgel

    CSI produces softgel capsules on 12 production lines, three shifts per day, 5 days per week. Capteks production capabilities produce on average 200 million softgels per month. All products are produced in compliance with the latest FDA cGMP Standards, which became effective on June 25, 2009 (Became effective for all manufacturers, packers, labelers and holders of dietary supplements with 21 to 500 FTE employees).

  • Quality
    by Design

    Captek Softgel International, Inc., through its dedicated quality control laboratory staff, provides branded clients the softgel analysis expertise and full support of proper and effective evaluation from raw ingredients through finished product certification.  The softgel dosage form presents a unique case for proper analytics, where the analysts’ technique and familiarity in handling the particular matrix requires proper development, an understanding of the characteristics and behaviors of target markers, and an investigation of analytical anomalies. These foundations serve as the three supporting legs to a successful softgel analysis.

  • Research
    & Development

    Manufacturing product formulations consisting of “multi-actives” can pose a challenge for softgel manufacturers due to the potential for fill to gelatin shell interactions or not achieving proper suspension of the powdered ingredients.  An additional challenge is to maintain the capsules in the smallest size possible. The quality of the starting material is key to developing a stable finished capsule.

    Sourcing consistent, high quality raw materials from reliable vendors, along with comprehensive testing, and tighter control of these raw materials is paramount. Captek Softgel International, Inc. is an ideal partner when searching for an experienced softgel manufacturer who can produce custom paste formulations without sacrificing quality amidst the demand for reduced cost.