Some of the world’s most successful brands partner with Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO) because of their expertise, buying power, and flexibility. This allows a branded company to do what they do best: promote their brands and ideate products their customers need.

At CAPTEK® Softgel International, we pride ourselves on taking a science-based approach to developing new products for our customers. We have one of the largest Research & Development Teams in the softgel industry. By working closely with our Quality Control team, we ensure that everything we formulate uses high-quality raw materials from qualified vendors; in addition, we proactively suggest ingredients that have solid scientific support.

CAPTEK works closely with verified raw material suppliers, testing labs, quality control and assurance, and all points along the supply chain to achieve true partner status. We leverage these partnerships to create unique products for our clients that stand out on the shelf to reach their customers.

Manufacturing Process: Turn-Key Solutions


CAPTEK brings the full force of 20+ years of experience along with the expertise that comes from manufacturing thousands of unique dietary supplement formulations. Our cutting-edge R&D Team is comprised of chemists, scientists, and formulators all working diligently to establish product specifications that make the most of our partners’ time and capital to exceed expectations. Whether we’re developing new products and formulations or solving existing problems, we bring our partners’ products to market.


Our R&D, QC, and QA teams work closely with our Purchasing and Supply Chain group to source the highest quality material. Coupled with the buying power that CAPTEK brings to the table, our partners know their products are made with the finest ingredients purchased at the best possible price.

CAPTEK collaborates with our brand partners to guide them through the increasing amount of challenges the global economy generates. These include increasing labor costs due to inflationary pressure and limited labor market; changing/increasing quality standards; the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and recalls; globalized market and respective regulations; and increasing documentation and certification demands.


CAPTEK’s investment in Quality Control results in an ideal environment for transparency, compliance, documentation, and regulatory support. With our state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business process management software, we have integrated applications to automate documentation of all materials from the moment they arrive at our facility, throughout formulation, production, bottling, and shipping. Proper and accurate verification of product integrity is carried out at multiple intervals via analytical testing, physical analysis, microanalysis, and bottling assessment.

CAPTEK Softgel International, Inc. fully complies to federal U.S. FDA GMP’s and has been independently certified by NSF International. We are also certified by other national and international entities.


CAPTEK’s brand partners are seeking greater bioavailability, and efficacy that can support structure function claims. In addition, clean label, organic, vegan, and pesticide-free tested products are all trending. Our scientists are experts at handling a wide array of raw ingredients to ensure viability and potency. This is especially true of highly sensitive products such as probiotics, enzymes, and other botanicals.


CAPTEK’s production capability translates into choices for our clients. CAPTEK offers flexibility to accommodate both large and small batches, speed of delivery, and customization preferences to meet the needs of deliverables and deadlines. This is especially important to handle surge capacity for launches, and capacity to grow as the brand builds demand.

Manufacturing stats:

  • CAPTEK maintains 290,000 square feet of GMP-certified facilities across Southern California.
  • We operate 29 lines with the capacity to make up to 13 billion capsules per year.
  • Annually, we consume an average of 6 million kilograms of raw materials in the production of our customers’ orders.
  • We maintain over 3,000 different active raw materials in-house at any given time, from over 300 different vendors.
  • We export finished capsules to over 30 different countries around the world.

Finished Product

Dosage Forms

CAPTEK Softgel International provides choices, so you reach your target audience through the perfect dosage form. We offer flexibility through variety, including softgel, capsule, gummy, and tablet options—and a myriad of customization features such as shapes, sizes, colors, flavors, vegetarian, non-GMO, sugar/gluten/preservative- free, enteric coating, laser etching—everything you need to differentiate your brand from comparable offerings in the marketplace.

Additionally, we offer bulk stock formulations as well as custom oil and paste mixtures at reasonable costs, without sacrificing purity and potency, so you can have confidence in your products while securing desired profit margins.


CAPTEK has the ability to bottle dietary supplements in a variety of different bottle sizes and cap combinations to suit customer requirements. Our state-of-the-art bottling lines can accommodate anything from start-up orders to 1,000-count bulk packages. Our knowledgeable bottling and labeling staff are ready to assist you in an efficient and timely manner.

  • Fully compliant with Certified cGMP Standards.
  • Automated Bottle Fill, Automated Cotton Inner Fill, Automated Capper, Heat-Induced Foil Inner Seal, Tamper Evident Outer Safety Seal, High-Speed Automated Pressure Sensitive Label Application, Video Jet Lot Coding.
  • Automated Quality Control Sensors throughout the entire Packaging Process.


CAPTEK has extensive experience in dealing with numerous carriers to ship orders to domestic and international markets. We ship and track all classes of service including flat rate, express & more. We work with leading carriers to ensure your order arrives safely to its final destination, so you don’t have to worry about the logistics.

Project Management and Customer Support

The CAPTEK Business Development and Customer Service teams manage every aspect of your project to ensure the finished product meets your exact specifications. Our experienced Business Development Managers work with you to establish all of the necessary details concerning formulation, product pricing, optimization of dosage and sizing, and options to distinguish your product from your competitor’s. Regular communication, status updates, and on-site reviews are a natural part of our relationship with you.

Our in-house Customer Service Reps are always available to help you. We provide regular updates on production, answer any questions on shipping status, or help gather the resources you need for your next dietary supplement product order.

The CAPTEK Difference


  1. Not enough innovation solutions to be competitive. We need a contractor that understands our market and can provide solutions to stand out on the shelf.
  2. Aren’t sure if we are in complete compliance. Minimal requirements may not be enough to navigate the world of quality assurance and compliance. 
  3. We need a cost-effective way to expand our product line. We want to stay relevant to our customers by offering seasonal items without huge startup costs.


  1. Deep expertise with R&D. We’ve manufactured 1,000s of formulations and have the knowledge to help you develop unique products, dosage forms, and customization—or trouble-shoot issues with your current formulation.
  2. Quality Control and Quality Assurance Teams have your back. To maintain superior-level products, we fully comply with FDA, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and have been certified by NSF International. Also, our ERP system provides end-to-end support documentation.
  3. Browse our NutraStock® inventory. With over 160 SKUs and low minimum order quantities, you can fill in portfolios easily, quickly, and seasonally.
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