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Is saturated fat phobia unfounded?

The journal Annals of Internal Medicine published a meta-analysis of seventy-six scientific studies on the effect of various fats on heart disease. Among the research was the focus on the fat-soluble vitamins and the role of saturated fat in the prevention of heart disease. While dietary guidelines states that saturated fats are empty calories, research found animal fats […]

4 spring greens (beyond spinach)

Spring greens are not only fresh and flavorful, they’re also packed with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. The health benefits of spring greens are so powerful. They provide you with a useful amount of vitamins and minerals to support your immune system. There’s nothing like silky-soft textured lively greens to fit well with lighter spring and […]

Symptoms of celiac disease

Experts said that celiac disease has numerous symptoms, and because the symptoms vary greatly from one person to the next, different people will experience the disease in different ways. In general, symptoms of celiac disease tend to be digestive problems. There are hundreds of signs and symptoms of celiac disease, yet many people with celiac disease have no symptoms at […]