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The Benefits of Softgel Encapsulation

The debate over softgels versus tablets is a long-standing one that unfortunately won’t go away anytime soon. In light of this, we thought it would be useful to continue with our blog posts that explain the benefits of softgel encapsulation.

As you likely know, we at Captek have been developing, testing, manufacturing, and customizing softgels for our customers since 1996. This longevity in the business has brought with it a clear understanding of how and why softgel capsules offer benefits and advantages to the front-line consumer and to supplement providers.

Along with traditional gelatin softgels, we offer vegetarian/vegan capsules – both of these options include a long list of advantages over tablets:

  • Flexible shapes make softgels easier to swallow.
  • Sensitive ingredients are fully encapsulated and protected from tampering.
  • Customers report reduced stomach discomfort when digesting softgels.
  • Softgels are ideal for oils and fat-soluble formulations.
  • Vegetarian and vegan encapsulation with the use of carrageenan ensures that people with dietary restrictions have greater freedom in their supplement, vitamin and mineral choices.
  • Can be designed to be digested and broken down in a specific area of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Resistant to heat and temperature fluctuations, making them easy to transport and store.
  • Consumers who have issues with the coating on tablets do not experience similar problems with softgel capsules. 

In addition when you consider the ability to provide custom colors, shapes, sizes, and laser etching – softgels do come out ahead of tablets.

Our team at Captek is capable of producing over 2.5 billion softgels annually in our 85,000 square foot facility that includes production, an analytical laboratory, a pilot laboratory and warehousing space.

If you need assistance with soft gel product development, ingredient sourcing, analytical and stability testing or research and development support – our team can be counted on.

This debate over soft gels versus tablets is one that won’t disappear overnight, but as you can read we are very confident that the softgel capsules and encapsulations offer a long list of advantages to all levels of consumers.

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