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Interview with David Wood

Below is an excerpt of an interview by Health E-Insights and CEO David Wood
David WoodHealth E-Insights: What are the top two metrics to which your company pays the closest attention?
Mr. Wood: The two metrics that I watch the closest are quality or defect rates and secondly, on-time delivery.
Health E-Insights: Did the DHEP issue hogtie your company?
Mr. Wood: It was more of a distraction than hogtieing us. We did a lot of work to demonstrate that we did not have a contamination problem and we were pleased to be able to prove that.
Health E-Insights: What separates you from your competition?
Mr. Wood: Captek’s focus is on quality as well as R&D. We pride ourselves in our ability to formulate with difficult raw materials to meet our customer’s requests to differentiate their products from their competitors.  The company’s long history with Asian customers is also a key point of differentiation and strong growth engine for the company.
Health E-Insights: What is the most popular soft gel color and shape?
Mr. Wood: Natural colors are still the most popular because of the industry we support. The most popular size of capsules tends to be 20 oblong.
Health E-Insights: What are your proudest accomplishments in the past five years?
Mr. Wood: Besides seeing my daughters grow into great teenagers who excel at school and actively play a variety of sports, I am incredibly proud of working with the Captek team to grow our business beyond what many thought could be possible over the past year. It’s been a lot of hard work. Our team has risen to the challenge while maintaining a sense of humor. They make me want to work harder. Before Captek, I was lucky
enough to run several different businesses at Cardinal Health which became Catalent. Each business had its own unique challenges, but the common threads were high quality and a dedicated workforce.
Health E-Insights: How do you continue to find inspiration in your work?
Mr. Wood: I love the ever-changing environment that the role brings. As a former salesperson myself, I like the customer contact and being in a position to occasionally move mountains for a customer to get something done in a hurry and help them out of a bind. Customers are what keep us in business and we need to anticipate their needs to remain relevant. The fast development cycle and pace of this industry is invigorating
and allows us to make an impact much faster than might be possible in other industries.

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