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Key Vitamins We Should Take

It seems like vitamins are always in the news. Are vitamins good for us? Should we be taking vitamins? What’s the best way to take vitamins? These are likely questions you get asked by your clients who are wondering about the best vitamin softgels to formulate.

In this blog post, we will provide you with some information about key vitamins and about who should be taking them. (This information can be useful to you when meeting with clients and when thinking about marketing their vitamin softgels.)

Who can benefit from taking vitamins? 

The short and simple answer is: everyone. Regardless of how healthy your diet is, you’re likely going to be deficient in some key nutrients. This is not because you’re not eating enough fruits and vegetables, rather it’s because you likely aren’t absorbing all of the nutrients. This is normal – and in some cases depending on how we combine our foods we end up not being able to “access”the nutrients we need. For example, vitamin C helps people absorb iron better but caffeine makes it hard to absorb iron.

Athletes, the elderly, young children, and anyone with a health condition can benefit from taking vitamin softgels. Some medications make it difficult to absorb nutrients from food and other medications actually require you to supplement with additional vitamins and minerals. Athletes are training hard and stressing their bodies so they can benefit from vitamins that will help them recover from activity.

Are there key vitamins that everyone should take? 

This is a tough question to answer but we can break this down into three groups of people and highlight the vitamins that these groups should be taking:

  • For people who are not outside much, vitamin D is important. Vitamin D is commonly known as the sunshine vitamin and it is vital in aiding in the absorption of calcium.
  • For vegans and elderly people, vitamin B12 is particularly important. We need B12 to make red blood cells and to support our brains. The primary source for B12 is from animal products.
  • Women who are pregnant or hoping to become pregnant should take Folic Acid. This vitamin is vital in prenatal development. 

As you can see, vitamins really are necessary and everyone can in fact benefit from taking some vitamin softgels daily. We at Captek are experts in softgels and are the leaders in the production, quality control, research and development of softgels. We can work with you to develop custom formulations and we offer our softgels in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors.

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