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Omega 3 Softgel Supplements Compared to Liquid Supplements

captekSometimes it can be hard for folks to understand the difference between taking their supplements in softgel versus liquid format. Obviously as manufacturers of the industry’s leading softgels, we have a clear bias towards softgels – but this is with very good reason. 

In this blog post, we’ll look at the benefits of taking omega 3 supplements in softgel format versus taking the supplement in liquid/oil format. As with all softgel supplements, there are some clear advantages to using a softgel compared to a liquid.

  • Portability: while not specific to omega 3 supplements, softgels do offer consumers the extra advantage of being easily portable. For those folks who are traveling, camping, take their supplements at work or away from home – softgels offer a clear advantage over liquid supplements. In particular our vegetarian softgels offer clear advantages since these capsules are proven to be much more heat resistant and are not affected by temperature changes.
  • Taste: so many people complain about the fishy aftertaste that omega 3 oils leave in their mouths. Even oils that claim to have no taste or odor can leave a lingering taste that is hard to eliminate. With the use of our softgel encapsulation technology, consumers don’t need to worry about the lingering fishy aftertaste.
  • Side effects: not many people realize that there can be side effects associated with taking liquid omega 3 supplements. These side effects include heartburn, belching, bad breath and the lingering fishy taste. With our omega 3 softgels, these side effects are eliminated. 

We’re proud to provide our advanced softgel encapsulation for all of your omega 3 supplements. As is standard with our softgel encapsulation, these supplements are designed to disintegrate within 15 minutes of swallowing – ensuring that your clients are getting the maximum benefit from the softgel supplement and in the case of omega 3 supplements, further helping to eliminate the side effects seen with liquid fish oil.

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