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Prepare for Flu Season with NutraStock® and Custom Formulations

When planning your inventory for flu season, consider putting Vitamin D and other immune boosting supplements at the top of your list. As a premier manufacturer of nutraceuticals, we’re always pleased when science and research support what we know to be true – that taking dietary supplements promotes overall health and wellness.

A worldwide collaborative study, published in The BMJ last year, affirmed that Vitamin D can help protect against acute respiratory infections. Researchers at the Queen Mary University of London carried out an individual participant data meta-analysis of 25 trials conducted across 14 countries which included nearly 11,000 individuals up to age 95.

It was another confirmation that taking Vitamin D on a daily or weekly basis is safe and the study reflected that all participants benefited to some degree from taking the supplement*. Furthermore, the research validated that those with significant Vitamin D deficiencies experienced the greatest advantage – reducing their risk of respiratory infection by half, as reported by News Medical Life Sciences.

Each year 5-20% of the U.S. population gets the flu. Some 200,000 Americans are hospitalized due to complications from the illness. Annually, some 3,000 to 49,000 people die from influenza-related causes with a majority of deaths, 80-90 percent, occurring among people 65 and older. It’s estimated that more than $10 billion is spent on inpatient and outpatient care fighting the disease and related complications.

Flu outbreaks hit major regions of the country at different times with varying degrees of severity. Sometimes it starts as early as October and extends to May. However, according to the American Council on Science and Health, the brunt of the flu season is primarily during February and March. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the first and most important step in preventing the flu is vaccination. The CDC also recommends everyday preventive actions (like staying away from people who are sick, covering coughs and sneezes and frequent handwashing) to help slow the spread of germs that cause respiratory (nose, throat, and lungs) illnesses.

Additional lines of defense can include educating your consumers about getting enough rest and augmenting their well-balanced diets with vitamins and other supplements that help build better, stronger immune systems. In addition to Vitamin D, Vitamins C and E, Selenium, Echinacea, Zinc, Garlic, Coconut Oil, and a host of others are well-established favorites used by millions of Americans in an effort to reduce the symptoms and duration of the ill effects of cold and flu.

CAPTEK™’s NutraStock® products include more than 250 top-selling softgels, tablets, and capsules. These bulk stock supplements can be ordered on-demand and shipped to facilities and national distribution centers within days. NutraStock’s® main product lines include numerous dosages and forms of vitamins D and E, Garlic, Lecithin, Lutein, Glucosamine, Calcium, Fish Oil, Enteric Fish Oil, Krill Oil, Coconut, CoQ10, CLA, Flax, and more.

Whether you need custom nutraceuticals or prefer to stock your shelves with our high-grade NutraStock® products, we are here to streamline the ordering process so you can get multiple lines out to your customers when they need them most. It’s estimated that more than $1.5 billion is expended each year in an effort to build stronger immune systems. We want you to be able to play a major role in that deployment. CAPTEK™ is here to help you quickly distribute essential nutraceuticals to consumers during those high-demand Fall and Winter months.

*The statements above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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