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What to Look for in a Softgel Manufacturer

When looking for a reputable, custom contract softgel manufacturer, whether switching to a new source or just getting into the business, there are important features and factors you should review carefully. Most people tend to remain in a sphere where they are comfortable, but if your manufacturer isn’t willing to respond to your specific and expanding formula needs, then it’s time to rethink things.

Choose a manufacturer that puts quality and innovation at the top of their list. Check to see if they regularly bring new formulations and technologies to their national and private label distributors. Are they recognized in the industry and does their name stand for something reliable? If branding is important to them, then you know they care about successfully packaging and branding your finished products. Are they growing and is there a footprint beyond the U.S.? You could benefit from their relationships and explore new territories as well.

Picking the right contract company is at the foundation of everything you represent and deliver to your consumers. At the end of the day, you share responsibility for the quality of your products. Take the time to perform due diligence and only work with a respected manufacturer that brings efficient, C-suite business solutions to the table in tandem with current Good Manufacturing Practices. A paper trail that proves original material identity to the reliability of final dietary supplement products is mandatory. It’s all about quality, quality, quality – from beginning to the end.

Supplement brands in retail, direct selling companies, Internet, professional medical markets, and others need to meet stricter regulatory requirements. As a result, it’s vital to enter into binding contracts with only those that have a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of softgel production, and with those that supply scientific data to support shelf life claims. Whether it’s accelerated stability or real-time stability, proper and accurate verification of product integrity should be carried out at multiple intervals via analytical testing, physical analysis, microanalysis, and packaging assessment. When it comes to following FDA requirements, ‘If it’s not documented it never happened.’

Your manufacturer should be able to provide beyond the traditional softgel dosages, shapes, and sizes.  Nowadays, a growing percentage of the population assumes a part of your product line will include a vegetarian softgel along with numerous non-GMO, sugar, gluten, and preservative free products. Enteric coating is another plus for certain products – increasing the probability of dissolution in the small intestine where it can be absorbed more effectively.

Long-term, it’s best to team up with an experienced softgel manufacturer that can provide bulk stock offerings as well as custom oil and paste mixtures at reasonable costs without sacrificing purity and potency so you can have confidence in your products while securing desired profit margins.

Put your business in a position to accelerate. Contract with an experienced industry leader that is willing to go above and beyond – providing R&D support, advice on ingredient sourcing, and additional industry insights – gain access to as many resources as possible. Consider choosing a manufacturer that provides comprehensive in-house analytics; you’ll have the flexibility to expand offerings at a later date and appreciate cost savings by having the ability to engage with just one entity.  Turnkey, one-stop-shop, manufacturing operations are attractive to many sellers in the dietary supplement industry.

Partnering with a company that operates multiple lines with a constant eye toward the future is a wise investment. More and better delivery systems are what consumers are asking for now. Convenient tubular twist offs that can dispense precise micro bead dosages with quick delivery to the bloodstream and many other advanced technologies that focus on increased bioavailability are consumer favorites.

A constant push towards greater ingenuity is what distinguishes one manufacturer over another. The market is in constant flux. Whether it’s today’s popular probiotic, coQ10 vegetarian, digestive blend, mini omega, or prenatal softgels with DHA, or something on the horizon, it’s crucial to work hand-in-hand with a manufacturer that dedicates R&D time and resources to respond to your unique needs for one-of-a-kind or bulk formulations.

Mindfully choose a company that works diligently to anticipate future demands within the health and wellness industry. With the right choice, you can have the advantage of support from experienced product development specialists helping you bring to market the latest in next-gen dietary supplements.

Note: Each year, CAPTEK™ produces billions of softgels as well as a wide range of specialized tablets, capsules, and powders including lozenges, chewable, enteric coating, color coated, multivitamins/minerals, botanicals, sustained-release products, a number of powder blends, and more.


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